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Kaldewei Meisterstuck Classic Duo Oval Freestanding Bath

Kaldewei Meisterstuck Classic Duo Oval Freestanding Bath

The Meisterstuck Classic Duo Oval freestanding steel bath is the newest Kaldewei Steel enamel bath on the market. It offers a seamless surround for the entire product. Many people love their built in Kaldewei baths. You now have the opportunity to have this comfort in a freestanding luxurious option which is not available on the open market.

It comes with Easy Clean technology to add further ease of clean to the product. This bath is designed for two people to relax in it together

The bath is available with 3 options:

Overflow – An overflow is a dial on the bath that when turned, controls the movement of the plug up and down.

Multifiller – A similar looking dial to the overflow, however this has the added feature of a spout integrated into the dial which allows the water to flow into the bath from this.

Soundwave – This is integrated into the bath to provide a bluetooth speaker system so you can relax and listen to your favourite music whilst enjoying Kaldewei bathing.

Made in Germany of 3.5mm Kaldewei Steel Enamel and has a 30 year warranty

We have the bath on display in our showroom at Alexandria, Sydney

Dimensions available:

1700 x 750 x 43 (stocked)

1800 x 800 x 43 (lead time)

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